Boost your event revenue

We can offer event organisers/promoters the chance to boost their event revenue with no extra cost or work. 

How it works

Zoom Dance offers the opportunity to live stream your event to the Zoom platform. This allows the online attendees to express themselves via their individual cameras and interact with the performing artists and each other as close to real time as you can get. Zoom dance staff set up all necessary equipment and promote your event to a world wide audience. Here are the key points which sets Zoom Dance apart from just a live stream and allows us to charge for entry to the online rave/party:

Up to 1000 live attendees dancing on cameras.

Monitors on stage showing the online attendees, this allows the performing artist to interact with them in almost real time. (No longer than a one second delay)

The online attendees will have a chat room and performers will be able to view via the on stage monitors.

Full live sets with no audio cut out.

Multiple cameras set up on stage for the attendees viewing pleasure.

If your interested in using Zoom Dance at your event, please contact us with the details and we can discuss the options in more detail