Tonight Free Jungle/DnB Rave from 7pm

Zoom Dance Free Entry!! The online Nightclub.

Jungle/DnB Friday’s!!

Friday 5th March 2021

Zoom Dance DnB

Join the rave from where you are and anywhere in the world!! - Up to 1000 attendees on their cameras - Multiple live DJs playing all night long - Live dance performers - Interactive chatroom - Interactive with the live artists in real time - Full live support on website to help you enter The event will take place on the zoom platform. The app is very simple to use and can be downloaded for free. Purchase a free ticket and you will receive an email with a link to the event, ten minutes prior to the start time or you will receive the link in confirmation if the event is live. The admin will have a list of people that have purchased tickets and will not allow entry for anyone not on the list. Our bouncers are very strict! When you enter you the event you will be placed in a waiting room until your name is checked. Enter the event using your first and surnames. Zoom app features You will hear a live feed of the DJ as you enter the event. You can also use the chat room or set up your camera and rave or watch others. Camera shy? You have the choice to disable your camera if your shy. I encourage you not to as it really does set the atmosphere watching people also enjoying the music. Just let it go!!

Music Genres: Drum n Bass

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