Tonight 26.11 from 7pm - Mix Master 2020 Semi Final 2 Part 2

Tonight we have the last of our semi-final heats, and what an experience this have been, the amazing Talent from the DJ's, the Fantastic Judges and of course Rob our host from Blog Spot.

We have our final 4 DJ's battling it out for a place in the final, we will be streaming Live on facebook from 7pm this evening

The stakes are high there is only three final places up for grabs! Don't forget it's YOUR vote that counts to see who makes it to the final....


Ben Phillips (House)

Troppo Daffy (RnB)

Darren Harvey (House)

Aspect (DnB)

We have already seen the 5 of the 9 DJ's battle it out for their place but only 3 can make it through who will you vote for...

ASL (DnB)- Judges score - 41

Marlo Jean (House) - Judges score - 43

Brink (DnB) - Judges score - 40

Ellie Cole (UKG) - Judges score - 40

Toddy Tempo (Techno) Judges score - 44

You can re watch all the DJ's sets:

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