TONIGHT(19.11) - Mix Maser semi-final 1 - part 2

Tonight, LIVE from 7pm on facebook and Zoom Dance, Mix Masters Semi-final 1 part 2, We have our last 4 of our 9 DJ’s battling it out for a place in the final:

Platinum (Trance)

Mysta E (DnB)

Cornah (DnB)

Pedro (House)

Don’t forget there are only 3 places up for grabs for the final, Your votes count, so get voting to see your top DJ get through.

So far, we have seen from Mix Master Semi Final 1 Part 1:

Breakout (DnB)

Brumie D (Garage)

Larnie Moles (DnB)

Crucial (House)

Shawn Livener (Techno)

Voting page will be live till 10pm Monday 23d November, visit our website

Next week we have Mix Masters Semi final 2 Part 2, which will see our next 9 DJ’s battle it out for their place in the final.

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