Its easy to party with Zoom Dance

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to Zoom Dance, the new online night club every Friday and Saturday, and we want to get everyone involved. dance the night away in your own home, get your raving/dancing gear on, maybe throw in a disco ball as well and few little tipples…

First of you DO NOT need a Zoom account, we will send you the link via email and you can just join the partyyyyyyyyyy.

Once you purchase your ticket to one or all our events, you will receive confirmation 5 minutes prior to the event, all you need to do is click the link and will take you straight to join the Partyyyy (if you have an account you are all set up and ready to go as well)

Camera, you can choose to have the camera on or off, either way you will still be able to watch the DJ’s play and others dance the night away, we would love it if everyone had their cameras on, but please don’t feel you have to we want everyone to just enjoy their night and the music.

The Zoom device can be used on desktop / Smart phones / Tablets

Any problems or questions please contact us as we want everyone to have a Zoom Dance experience.

See you all Friday and Saturday night

Zoom dance team

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