Mix Master 2020 Explained


Each DJ that has made it into the event will have a 15 minute live time slot to show the judges and crowd their skills. Each DJ will be allocated a heat number. There will be four judges watching and they will give the DJ’s feedback when they have finished. They will also be scoring them out of ten. Ten being the highest mark. They have a chance of scoring a maximum of forty points from the judges. They will also be subjected to a public vote system, the public can add points to the DJs score by submitting a vote on the website, one vote = one point. The votes will then be added up to give a total score. The highest score of the heat wins and will progress to the semi-final!

The public vote will start soon as all DJs of the heat have performed and will remain open for two days. Voting will then be placed on hold. Once all heats have performed the public vote will reopen for all heats for a further Two days. There will then be a show to announce all the DJs going through to the semi-finals.




One winner from each heat will enter the semi-finals. 11 DJ's will battle it out in the same format as the heat's, the top three scores will progress to the Mix Master 2020 Final!!