Mix Master 2020 Rules

1) All sets have to be carried out live. (Strictly no pre-recorded sets)

2) Camera has to show a clear image of you and your DJ setup at all times during a live performance.

3) Single tracks only. (No mash up tracks)

4) No swearing

5) Please respect the judges. They are there to give you constructive criticism if they feel the need to.

6) Any DJ not present for their allocated set time will be removed from the competition.

7) All DJs must be setup and ready when sound check commences.

8) Anyone of the judges can request a rewind at any stage. If this occurs, the performing DJ must start the current track from the start. This will only be done if a judge believes a set is not being performed live.

9) If for any reason a scheduled DJ does not perform on their set time and is removed from the competition, the heat winner will still be decided from the remaining heat participants. 

Any breech of the rules can result in instant disqualification.