Mix Master 2021 Judges

Ryan Tutt

Creator of Mix Master, Zoom Dance and Vinyl VIPs sponsored by Technics SL1210 MK7. Twenty three years experience, playing out at various venues and radio stations around London. (aka Mr Tutt)


Nicky Blackmarket

This Drum and Bass legend needs no introduction. A career spanning over thirty years and a true pioneer of the Drum and Bass scene.


Carl Shepard (Carloss)

Carl Shepard has worked within the DJ industry for over twenty years. Starting as a DJ, Carl developed a love for music and quickly began identifying other avenues to pursue, that were connecting to his new found passion. In 2009 he re-launched Flex FM, with a vision to make the station fully legal and licensed within the next ten years. Carl exceeded his own high expectations and in less than seven years, Flex FM had a broadcasting license. Flex FM is now South London's biggest community radio station. This is just one of his many achievements in the music industry.  


Terry Little

Terry Little has 25 years of DJ experience. Terry started as a light jock becoming a DJ and has now worked with some of the biggest event planners, venues and radio stations in the UK. (Hippodrome/London, Syndicate/Bristol, Gatecrasher, Its a London thing and Garage nation to name a few). Terry also played as DJ internationally, before heading into nightclub management in which he had the privilege to work with some of the best DJs in the world. AKA Noelsie. After a busy lockdown Noelsie recently signed to Carloss's Flex FM and currently has a show on a weds night @10pm.


Dizzy UK

Creator of the Rave Archive, a collection of rave tapes, radio shows and tape packs from the late 80's and early 90's. Dizzy has been a big influence in the rave scene for over twenty five years. He has connections with A-list DJs and has a vast knowledge of what it takes to become a main stream DJ.

DIZZY UK 1.jpg


E-Lisa started to mix in 97 as a vinyl DJ in and around Essex. She played in Europe and all over the UK including bookings for viper recordings, dread recordings and the amnesia warm up parties. E-Lisa has lined up with some of the greats of Drum n Bass, such as: Nicky Blackmarket, Ray Keith, Shimon, Original Sin, Matrix and Future Bound.

E LISA J.jpg

Dante Legister

Dante's DJ career spans over more than a decade. His interest in DJing was realised when he was on a community radio station back in 2005. This led to a fire being ignited in him and Dante went on to make it a profession. He has played alongside some big names in the game and built a reputation for himself. Taking up residencies in several major clubs in London and making his mark in the industry.


Special Guest Judges